Announcing Non-Fiction #5: The Obsolete and The Resurrected: Archaeological Cinema in Asia

We are happy to announce a new issue of the Non-Fiction journal guest-edited by Pan Lu and Bo Wang. In the form of video essay, scholarly research and diary-like writings, the authors in this edition respond to the tensions between the old and the new in cinematic media in the context of Asia in both 20th and 21st century. Non-Fiction #5 The Obsolete and The Resurrected: Archaeological Cinema in Asia  includes contributions by Pan Lu and Yu Araki, Timmy Chen, Kao Chung-li, Qin Dao, Rosalia Engchuan, Ruby Hsieh, Shota T. Ogawa, Ma Ran, Kim Soyoung, John Torres, Bo Wang.

You can read the full issue here.

To celebrate the release of The Obsolete and The Resurrected, Bo Wang and Pan Lu will be joined by the journal’s contributing writers on Saturday 11th February 2023 for a roundtable conversation. The event will take place online at 11am UK Time. Registration is free and open to all – ticks can be purchased here

Non-Fiction Issue 5: The Obsolete and The Resurrected: Archaeological Cinema in Asia
Edited by Pan Lu and Bo Wang

The Making of Anachronic Chronicle: Voyages Inside/Out Asia (2021):
A Conversation between Pan Lu and Yu Araki

Lost / Mí :  Fan Ho and Experimental Cinema
Timmy Chen

Decolonizing (through) Obsolete Media: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Travelogue
Shota T. Ogawa

Dancing It’s Way Out of the Film Archive: The Revival of the Legendary Taiwanese Film Ghost Carnival (1994)
Ruby Hsieh

What is a good life? And who can have it? Tongpan (ทองปาน), Migration and the Quest for a Better Life in Thailand’s Northeast
Rosalia Engchuan

On ‘On Kino’:  Three Stories from an Guangzhou Artist working around Obsolete Media
Qin Dao

Reminiscences of a Journey to Okinawa: Landscape Film as Essay, and Takamine Gō’s Okinawan Dream Show (1974)
Ma Ran

Experiments: My History of Films
Kao Chung-li

Towards a Technology of the Dead: Kim Soyoung on Her “Exile” Documentary Trilogy
Kim Soyoung

See you all again
John Torres

Non-Fiction is a journal from Open City Documentary Festival. The publication was launched in 2020 with the aim to create a space for considered, critical and creative writing on non-fiction, featuring contributions offered in response to moving image, audio or cross-media, both contemporary and historical. The first two issues (#1 Power and #2 Network) were edited by Matt Turner and published in print form. In 2021, Non-Fiction moved online in order to be more widely accessible. Each issue is edited by a different guest editor. Non-Fiction #3 The Living Journal was edited by Olivier Marboeuf and Ana Vaz and was published in September 2021. Non-Fiction #4 Peculiar Forms was edited by Aily Nash and was published in June 2022.