Chuck Norris vs. Communism (2015)

Director Ilinca Calugareanu , Country Romania, Duration 82,

Communist Romania – 1980s. Culturally isolated, ideologically censored; all images of life outside the Iron Curtain are banned and TV is reduced to a couple of hours of propaganda bulletins each day. From the drab concrete housing blocks to the food ration queues, an overwhelming fear of state surveillance had prevented the people from stepping out of line. But there was one window into the free world available to anyone who dared to look.false

In the mid-1980s, thousands of Hollywood films were smuggled into the country through a black-market operation that stretched right across Romania. The films were dubbed by one courageous female translator whose distinct voice captivated the whole nation and became a symbol of freedom.

The fearless stories of action heroes like Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme captured every child’s imagination, but it was the lavish settings and backdrops that mesmerized this unique audience. For the first time people saw what had been denied to them: supermarkets stacked full of food, the trappings of wealth, the latest fashions, super cars, and most of all, freedom.

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