Jun 3 - Jun 3, Barbican Cinema,

Antuca & Porque quería estudiar (María Barea)

Cinema Restored x Open City Documentary Festival
Monday 3 June 2024, 19h, Barbican (Cinema 3)

& Porque quería estudiar are Peruvian films, made by María Barea. These films were made in collaboration with Warmi Cine y Video, the pioneering Peruvian women’s film collective (est. 1989) and Iprofoth (Instituto de Promoción y Formación de Trabajadoras del Hogar), a non-profit dedicated to empowering migrant and Indigenous women domestic workers.

Antuca adopts a docu-drama format, focusing on the life of its titular character, Antuca, portraying her journey from Cajamarca to Lima and her involvement in political activism amid employment shifts and identity challenges.

Porque quería estudiar is a testimonial documentary from 1989 that portrays the harsh reality of hundreds of migrant girls and young women who must travel to the city in search of work as domestic workers.

Followed by a conversation between María Barea and Dr. Maria Chiara D’Argenio.

Presented in collaboration with Open City Documentary Festival. With thanks to Ricardo Matos Cabo, Daniel Ángeles, Kauri Ximon Jauregui Arias, Julio César Gonzales Oviedo, Isabel Seguí.