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Zhao Liang: Paper Airplane + Intro

Director Zhao Liang, Country China, Duration 77,

For this remarkable early feature, Zhao Liang embedded himself amongst a group of down-and-out young punks, living in Beijing at the tail end of the 20th Century. Outcasts and misfits, these friends travelled from across China in search of new freedoms; looking to form bands and live bohemian lifestyles. However, with the transition towards democracy underway and the old socialist support systems starting to break down, they find themselves increasingly adrift; marginalised, drug-addicted, and out of control. Paper Airplane is a potent and visceral vision of a wayward, reckless youth struggling to find a place in a rapidly changing China.

Please note that this film contains scenes of intravenous drug use that some viewers might find distressing.

Screens with:
City Scene
Zhao Liang | 2005 | China | 23′

A series of snapshots capture everyday reality in the streets and squares of Beijing as the city prepares for the 2008 Olympic Games. Carefully framed static images draw attention to places and details, to the way the people move and interact. Zhao Liang makes impressive use of cinema’s capacity to make reality visible as it is.

In partnership with Chinese Visual Festival.

Zhao Liang will be present to introduce the films.

“Part of Zhao Liang: In Focus”