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UCL Public Anthropology Film Showcase

This year we are very proud to be presenting a programme of films produced by students in UCL’s Department of Anthropology. This selection of work shows the ambition and broad scope of expression demonstrated by our students. Through a range of themes, these young directors reveal themselves to be strong and dynamic new voices in non-fiction.


SHORTS: Session 1

Films exploring the fluid boundary between humankind and nature. 



Samuel Newman | 2022 | UK | 8′ | digital | sound (no dialogue)

The devastating environmental impact of single-use plastic is shown in this journey from oilfield to seabed.


Eden’s Echo

Jaye Abhau | 2022 | UK | 10′ | digital | English spoken

By reinterpreting the Fall of Man, the duality between civilization and wilderness is brought into question. Can we better frame our relationship with nature?



Caoimhe Durkan | 2021 | UK | 19′ | digital | English spoken

The bond between place and memory is brought to the fore as the effects of coastal erosion begin to threaten a Norfolk woman’s connection to her past.


Quintessentially Charles

Isaac Farley | 2022 | UK | 9′ | digital | English spoken

Charles, a Sussex farmer, lives many seemingly contradictory lives. In this exploration of space, different aspects of Charles’ personality are revealed in three contrasting settings.


Toofaan (The Storm)

Mehr Singh | 2021 | UK | 21′ | digital | Hindi & English spoken, English subtitles

Victims of Delhi’s brutal second wave of COVID-19 share their deeply personal accounts. Stories of survival, remembrance, and resilience emerge.




SHORTS: Session 2

Films that explore subversive ideas that challenge tradition and authority.


Praise the Duck Blood

Shaw Xiao | 2022 | UK | 8′ | digital | Mandarin spoken, English subtitles

A young Chinese girl’s desire to eat her favourite dish comes into conflict with her faith.


Radio On

Tabatha Vaughan | 2022 | UK | 10′ | digital | English spoken

A celebration of the ubiquitous nature of radio and its enduring allure in an increasingly digital world.


London’s Rocketship Launchers

Julia Mervis | 2022 | UK | 8′ | digital | English spoken, English subtitles

The filmmaker sets out to uncover a mystery plaguing the London skyline.


The Talk

Lamees Almakkawy | 2022 | UK | 7′ | digital | Arabic spoken, English subtitles

Dr Wafaa Eltantawy creates a space for Arab women to learn to connect with and talk about their bodies.



Zenglin Yang | 2021 | UK | 11′ | digital | Mandarin spoken, English subtitles

The filmmaker reflects on his experience taking the rigorous and oppressively competitive college entrance exams in China.


No Vaccine for Me Then

Tom O’Neill | 2021 | UK | 20′ | digital | English spoken

A sensitive and perceptive inquiry into the oft contradictory (and sometimes absurd) world of the ‘anti-vax’ movement.

All of the films in this programme were produced by students on Ethnographic and Documentary Film (Practical) MA and Creative Documentary by Practice MFA at UCL Anthropology.

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