Open City Documentary Festival

7 – 13 September 2022
in London

The Swing + Q&A (2018)

Location Regent Street Cinema, Director Cyril Aris, Country Lebanon, Duration 74, Date Event has passed

An assured, emotionally rich film about the lies a family tells to keep their patriarch happy; and the unattended costs of their falsehood. After sixty years of marriage, Antoine and Vivi have lost their most beloved daughter; but no one has dared to tell the bedridden nonagenarian Antoine, lest his heart crack. A simple solution, though everyone else in this densely interconnected family has then to live the same lie, giving no expression to their grief. A deeply affecting, beautifully shot cinematic novella; like all the best stories The Swing is a simple tale, but one that never short-changes its viewers.

+ Q&A with director Cyril Aris. This is a UK Premiere.