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The Choice + Q&A

[1] Director Gu Xue, 2019, [3] Country China, [4] Duration 65, [7] Awards Cinéma du Réel Film Festival,

As their aunt sits on life-support in intensive care, a family gathers to discuss her condition and plan the next steps. There is little chance of recovery, yet decisions must still be made. Over the course of a single, hour-long unbroken take, Gu Xue silently and expertly observes the family discuss the fifth aunt’s fate and argue over who will be responsible—financially and practically—for her continued care. A chamber play in one act, The Choice is a quietly gripping, anthropologically-attuned drama examining the complex dynamics, hierarchies and internal conflicts of a Chinese family living through its darkest hour.

UK Premiere

Screens with: Summer Is Gone [Audio]
Ping Zhao | 2019 | UK | 5”

Screening includes a Q&A with director Gu Xue, hosted by Carol-Mei Barker.

In partnership with Chinese Visual Festival.

Read a essay about The Choice by Phoebe Chen.

Available: Block 1 (Wed 9th Sept midday – Sat 12th Sept midnight BST)

Please note: this film is only available to view in the UK.

Nominated for the Emerging Filmmaker Award Gu Xue is a Manchurian-descendant filmmaker and curator. She received her Master of Arts from the Communication University of China. She is also co-founder of the Inner Mongolia Youth Film Week. Her documentary The Choice was shortlisted for international competition unit of the 42nd Cinéma du Réel Film Festival.