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The Building + Q&A

Director Tatjana Kononenko, Matilda Mester, 2019, Country Germany, Ukraine, Duration 93, Awards Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Artdocfest, Docudays, Cottbus International Film Festival,

Completed in 1928, Derzhprom Palace in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was intended as an architectural embodiment of communism, and its constructivist design inspired a generation of avant-garde artists including Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov. Mixing documentary and experimental film techniques, The Building is a kaleidoscopic portrait of this iconic structure, mapping its near century-long history that runs from the beginnings of the Soviet Union to the present day—where tourists and workers wander its vast halls. Weaving archival materials with contemporary images, filmmakers Mester and Kononenko condense a vast amount of passed (and passing) time into their poetic spatial study of a place where past and present coalesce.

UK Premiere

Screening includes a Q&A with directors Tatjana Kononenko & Matilda Mester, hosted by Yuliia Kovalenko.

Available: Block 2 (Sat 12th Sept midday – Tue 15th midnight BST)

Please note: this film is only available to view in the UK.

Tatjana Kononenko was born in Kirovograd, Ukraine. She currently lives and works between Berlin and Tbilisi. She graduated in Media and Communication in Berlin. Tatjana has been working with video and photography in projects often dealing with the issues of memory and history. Matilda Mester was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she started working as a cinematographer for short films. her work is characterised by an experimental and artistic approach so it seems only natural that she has begun also working in video art, a.o. for the Danish artists Gitte Villesen and Pia Rönicke. The Building is her first work as co- director and her graduation film from the DFFB.