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Shorts: On the Border + Q&A

Director Various, Country Various, Duration 83,

Found and archival materials are repurposed and reconstructed in this short film programme, setting up a series of unexpected collisions between analogue and digital media.

Total runtime: 83’

A Room with a Coconut View
Tulapop Saenjaroen | 2018 | Thailand | 28’

A tour guide and also a hotel rep automated voice, Kanya, leads her foreign guest, Alex, through a beach town in the east of Thailand called Bangsaen. Since Kanya’s presentation is overtly aestheticised and strictly regimented, Alex decides to explore the town by himself, fantasising to get out of the frame.

On the Border
Yoshiki Nishimura | 2018 | Japan | 7’

Japanese artist Yoshiki Nishimura uses photogrammetry to transform thousands of still images of ocean trash into animated 3D models, creating a disturbing yet captivating vision of environmental ruin.

Goodbye Thelma
Jessica Bardsley | 2019 | USA | 13’

Goodbye Thelma synthesizes footage from the 1991 film Thelma & Louise and footage of the author’s own making to create a mysterious, and at times disturbing, auto-fictional exploration of the joys and terrors of traveling as a woman alone.

every dog has its day
Alison Nguyen | 2019 | USA | 6’

Drawing from the fraught archive of consumer-produced media, every dog has its day explores the porous relationship between technology, the self, religion, and violence

Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina | 2019 | Switzerland, Russia, USA | 7’

An unremarkable 70’s newsreel from the artists’ hometown in the soviet Siberia forms the substrate for a relentless exploration of the representational and narratological technics: without ever collapsing into a ‘story’ or abstraction, horizōn recants the relationship between analog and digital, surface and reference, sense and experience, past and present. 

I Have Sinned a Rapturous Sin (Best UK Short Award nominee)
Maryam Tafakory | 2018 | Iran, UK | 8’

What cures women of sexual promiscuity? Eating lettuce, of course. Fragments of Forough Farokhzad’s poem, ‘Sin’, are read out against Islamic clergies advising women on how to control their lust.

E-Ticket (Best UK Short Award nominee)
Simon Liu | 2019 | Hong Kong, UK | 13’

A film sixteen thousand splices in the making. E-Ticket is a frantic (re)cataloguing of a personal archive and an opportunity for rebirth to forgotten images. 35mm photo negatives and moving pictures are obsessively cut apart, reshuffled then tape spliced together inch by inch in rigid increments. A retelling of Dante’s Inferno for the streaming age; a freedom of movement reserved for the modern cloud.

Stuart Pound | 2018 | UK | 1’

We trot towards a riddle. 

Please be advised that films within this programme contain stroboscopic imagery, and references to sexual assault which some viewers may find distressing.