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Shorts: New Geographies + Q&A

Director Various,

Endless horizons, haunted edgelands, symphonies of dissonant cities. The works in this short film programme map new pathways through landscapes both real and imagined. Total runtime: 106’

Contoured Thoughts
Evan Ifekoya | 2019  | Iceland, UK | 5’

Contoured Thoughts is a meditation on desire, recovery and the rituals of communion. Here, Ifekoya is a conduit taking the viewer to another realm where time all but stands still. Regenerated by the blackness of water and land, the artist offers a moment to share the intimate, the erotic and the otherworldly. 

Signal 8
Simon Liu | 2019 | Hong Kong, UK | 14’

They said a storm is calling this way but we’re still waiting. Lives carry on in Hong Kong as traces of civic upkeep morph into sites of remembrance. Decorative structures mimic nature then occasionally malfunction, transforming common spectacle to warning signs. The light urges to tell us something but can’t quite get its point across, patience tested for another day. 

Gerard Ortín | 2020 | Spain | 27’

The wolf no longer inhabits the land that once formed part of its territory, and only through its outlines can we get closer to it; remnants of wolf traps, predator urine imported from the US, a dung-hill used to feed scavenger birds and archers that shoot at replicas of animals. Reserve constructs a story about the fragile balance of a territory after the disappearance of the predator, where the complex co-existence between humans and non-humans presents a distinctly marked anthropogenic ecosystem.

Noemi Osselaer | 2019 | Belgium | 21’

Surrounded by the sound of nocturnal animals, a girl falls into a deep sleep. Gradually we are drawn into the dream that unfolds into a cosmic journey through the meadows of Erpe-Mere.

I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine
Paul Greenleaf | 2019 | UK | 16’

Interweaving shreds of personal and collective histories I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine explores the haunting legacy of the M11 link road that cuts through Leytonstone, East London. Taking its name from the protestors’ slogan on the final house to be demolished and the final words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the film summons spectral voices and residual energy from the landscape in an attempt to confront the motorway.

Midnight Kids
Maxence Vassilyevitch | 2020 | France | 23’

350 miles above the polar circle, only accessible by air, Utqiagvik (previously called Barrow) is the northernmost town of Alaska, and of the entire US. There, under the midnight sun, facing the melting arctic ocean and its claustrophobic horizon, some young Inuits try to turn the town into their playground.

Screening includes Q&A with filmmakers.

Please be advised that a film within this programme contains images of dead animals which some viewers may find distressing.

Available: Block 2 (Sat 12th Sept midday – Tue 15th Sept midnight BST)

Please note: this programme is only available to view in the UK.