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Shorts: Interiors + Q&A

[1] Director Various, [3] Country France, UK, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Belgium , [4] Duration 94,

This programme of short films takes a meditative trip through domestic spaces, exploring the interrelation between interiors and those that inhabit them. These films seek to identify the ways in which this interaction reflects wider social and political issues, and how experiences of confinement can seem to transcend temporality.

26 rue Saint-Fargeau
Margaux Guillemard | 2017 | France | 30′ |

26 rue Saint-Fargeau is a vertical journey through a 300-flat Parisian social estate, from the ground floor to the last floor, from dawn to dusk. Discreetly traveling through the inside of several apartments, the film creates a tender dialogue between the different floors, cultures, atmospheres, tastes in furniture, and ways of thinking inhabiting the building – before opening up on the horizon.

The Mess
Dorothy Allen-Pickard | 2017 | UK | 4′ | Best UK Short Award Winner

As Ellice gets low, her room gets messy; she never sees it coming, but it always happens. There seems to be no way to break out of the endless highs or lows that make up bipolar disorder, or even to pick her clothes up off the floor.

Today is 11th June 1993
Clarissa Thieme | 2018 | Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 15′

Today is 11th June 1993 was developed on the basis of intensive investigations in the Library Hamdija Kreševljaković Video Archive in Sarajevo, a private collection of amateur videos in which the residents of Sarajevo document their lives during the siege. In this collection Thieme found a short science-fiction film in which a group of young people use black humor to imagine fleeing the enclosed city with a time machine. Using simultaneous translation Thieme formulates a call from the past to the present. How will we react to it?

Ingel Vaikla | 2017 | Estonia, Belgium | 29′

Roosenberg is a place, a space, a building, a film. It is Amanda, Godelieve, Rosa and Trees. It is a letter that tells of the filmmaker’s encounter with four elderly nuns in a fascinating monastery in Belgium. We follow the everyday communal life of the sisters, their religious practice and final departure from the building, in order to tell the stories that this modernist architecture contains. It is the story of an encounter; of a space at the beginning of the end.

Some of These Days
Vincent Förster | 2018 | UK, Germany | 16′ | Best UK Short Award Nominee

Some of These Days is a comedy documentary about jazz and dictatorships. Nothing is the way it used to be. Ideas about gender roles, for example; or that grandchildren are always unequivocally encouraged in their endeavours. Director Vincent Förster experiences this first-hand when documenting the everyday lives of his grandparents. Yet, one thing has not changed: the grandparents sit on their sofa and defy all external odds with subtle humour and charming determination. Piece by piece, it becomes clear that in the history of Germany, jazz is a good barometer of freedom.

(Total running time: 94′)