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Rainer Kohlberger: Brainbows – Live A/V

Director Rainer Kohlberger, Country Austria,

Rainer Kohlberger uses digital-projection technology in a radical way. Through impulses and waves of pure light, the intentional overload of the human perception apparatus leads to visual impressions that appear exclusively in the literal »eye of the beholder«. Layers of noise, drones and stroboscopic lights unfold a sense of the infinite as well as the very now. Image surface and image space meld into one (consciousness-)state, in which categories such as being and non-being, material and immaterial appear obsolete. In this event, Kohlberger will present a unique live A/V performance, preceded by a screening of his most recent film. 

Screens with:
It has to be lived once and dreamed twice
Rainer Kohlberger | 2019 | Germany, Austria | 28’ 

Experiments in perception are being conducted in a wonderland of damaged images.

Please be advised that this event will contain stroboscopic images.

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum London

“Rainer Kohlberger (1982, Austria) is a Berlin-based visual artist and designer. His work is based on algorithmically generated graphics. He converts these graphics into live performances, installations, films and mobile apps. In 2013, he won the Crossing Europe Local Artist Award for his video Humming, Fast and Slow (2013). Kohlberger's short film not even nothing can be free of ghosts (2016) was selected for a Tiger Award for Short Films at IFFR 2016.”