Open City Documentary Festival

7 – 13 September 2022
in London

Naomi Kawase: Katatsumori + See Heaven + Chiri + Intro

Location Regent Street Cinema, Director Naomi Kawase, Country Japan, Duration 95', Date Event has passed

This triptych of moving tributes from Naomi Kawase creates an affectionate portrait of her bond with her great-aunt who adopted and raised her. Capturing her lovingly with close up Super 8mm photography, Katatsumori (1994) introduces us to Uno Kawase as she enters her eighties. A recurrent figure in all of Kawase’s personal documentaries, Uno remains kind, good-humoured and devoted to her adoptive daughter, and See Heaven (1995) offers an intimate, experimental collage of images dedicated to the playful but tender relationship between the two. In Chiri (2012), we witness Uno’s daily routine as she nears her final days and Kawase grapples with coming to terms with her great-aunt’s passing.

Presented in partnership with Japan Foundation

Director Naomi Kawase will be present to introduce the screening.