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Moving Parts: The Short Films of Bogdan Dziworski (Various)

Bogdan Dziworski
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Regent Street Cinema

The London Short Film Festival is recognised as the premiere UK showcase for cutting edge homegrown and international short film, partnering with a range of London-based venues every January.

This curated programme celebrates the work of maverick Polish filmmaker Bogdan Dziworski whose surrealist, mostly wordless studies of movement, bodies, competition and performance are amongst the most original works of communist era Polish non-fiction filmmaking. A professionally trained photographer and cinematographer—famous for his work with both Pawel Pawlikowski and Grzegorz Królikiewicz—Dziworski also has a background in the visual arts. The innovative, experimental hybrid works presented here meets thrillingly at the intersection of all three disciplines.

A Few Stories About a Man | Bogdan Dziworski | Poland | 1983 | 20‘
The Cross and the Axe | Bogdan Dziworski | Poland | 1972 | 14’
Georg Philipp Telemann’s Travels from Żary to Pszczyna | Bogdan Dziworski | Poland | 1974 | 14′
Ski Scenes with Franz Klammer | Bogdan Dziworski | Poland | 1980 | 21′
Szapito Bogdan Dziworski | Poland | 1984 | 29′

In partnership with London Short Film FestivalKrakow Film Foundation and Polish Docs.