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Minamata Revolt: A People’s Quest for Life 水俣一揆一生を問う人々

Minamata Revolt: A People’s Quest for Life || Minamata ikki—Issho o tou hitobito || 水俣一揆一生を問う人々
Tsuchimoto Noriaki | 1973| Japan | 108’ | 16mm | Japanese spoken, English subtitles

This powerful film documents the direct negotiations that took place between Chisso and the Minamata disease patients after the court ruling ordered the company to pay compensations. The patients self-organised to demand the company for direct compensation and lifelong medical care. The film makes the most of the use of direct sound, meticulously documenting the discussions and confrontations. The least known of the Minamata Trilogy, it is one of the most relentless films ever made about a community’s outrage in the face of injustice and corporate neglect

With an introduction by Ishizaka Kenji, Japan Institute of the Moving Image