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Meet The Exhibitors

Made a film? About to enter post-prod? Or interested in entering the world of programming and distribution? Learn how to connect your work with an audience and the journeys you could take with these one-to-one sessions where you can gain a better idea of how programmers and distributors source films, what they’re looking for and how to approach them.  

The session will include opportunities with eight different industry professionals, with 15 minutes available to speak with each producer. Please book no more than three sessions.  

The exhibitors will include:

Ed Webb-Ingall 

Isra Al Kassi (T A P E COLLECTIVE) 

Reman Sadani (Cinenova) 

Emily Wright (MUBI) 

Abiba Coulibaly (Brixton Community Cinema)

Amina Ferley Yael (Cinema Mentiré)

Erik Martinson


In partnership with T A P E Collective.