Open City Documentary Festival

Kinshasa Makambo (2018)

Dieudo Hamadi
Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway
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Bertha DocHouse

Dieudo Hamadi was born in 1984 in Kinsangani (Democratic Republic of Congo) and graduated from INSAS film school in Brussels. His previous films Dames En Attente (co-directed with Divita Wa Lusala), Congo in Four Acts (co-directed with three other directord), National Diploma, Atalaku, and Mama Colonel have gained awards at Cinéma du Réel and Berlinale Forum amongst others.

Hundreds of young revolutionaries take to the streets of Kinshasa when Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, refuses to relinquish power at the end of his second term. Protests are met with violence from the authorities but the battle for free elections and democracy cannot be repressed. Congolese director Dieudo Hamadi follows three men at the heart of the resistance as they fight to forge a new path for their beloved country. A film with incredible access and unique insight, Kinshasa Makambo is a tense and urgent chronicle of a generation’s struggle to have their voice heard.

Please be advised that this film contains some scenes featuring violent imagery which some viewers might find distressing.

In Partnership with Film Africa.