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Inside the Red Brick Wall / 理大圍城

Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers | 2020 | Hong Kong | 88’ | digital

Filmed by an anonymous collective known as Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers, Inside the Red Brick Wall is a powerfully immediate account of the November 2019 Pro-Democracy Protest at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.Barricaded within the campus walls, the protestors fought for 13 days in an armed and increasingly violent conflict with riot police surrounding and laying siege to the university. With camera operators located across the campus, the often-shocking events are captured from all angles in a protest film that is as cine-literate as it is politically urgent. Between the brutal exchanges, fraught discussions amongst the demonstrators reveal the strategies, apparatus and mechanisms of protest in the digital age as live streaming, social media and, of course, digital filmmaking technology itself are utilised to organise and communicate.


The screening will be followed by a conversation between Yuen Chan (Senior Lecturer of Journalism, City University), Nathan Law (Hong Kong democratic activist. Former Legislator) and Dr. Tim Pringle (Senior Lecturer in Labour, Social Movements and Development.