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In Focus: Renate Sami 4

With contributions from Ute Aurand, Robert Beavers, Ricardo Matos Cabo, Peter Todd, amongst others. Screenings will be interspersed with readings, discussions and presentations.

The Journey to Cairo

(Die Fahrt nach Kairo)
Renate Sami | 1990 | Germany | 60’ | digital

The Journey to Cairo contains something of the marvel that the cinematograph enabled, the marvel of discovery, the marvel of time machines, the marvel of being able to travel around the world while seated in a chair. The marvel of the cinematograph is today nearly buried by the many stories wanting to generate tension for the sake of a thrill and in whose service it seems more and more to waste itself. But like every marvel, it contains this one hidden away somewhere and ready to appear on request. The Journey to Cairo is an approach to a city, to a city in a foreign country.” (Maria Lang)

Ute Aurand | 2021 | Germany | 6’ | 16mm

A short portrait of the filmmaker by friend and collaborator Ute Aurand. World premiere

Filmdiaries 1975 – 1985 (Wanderings)
(Filmtagebuch 1975 – 1985  (Streifzüge))
Renate Sami | 2005 | Germany | 32’ | digital

“Several portraits of friends, women and men, the Polish Market on Potsdamer Platz, the Wall, a picnic in the Park, on the road in Italy, Turin in Winter, a poem by Cesare Pavese. The film was originally shot on Super8, was then transmitted to MiniDV and left without sound to be punctuated here and there with some short pieces of music.” (Renate Sami)

A Year
(Ein Jahr)
Renate Sami | 2011 | Germany | 12’ | digital

“A tree seen through the window of my kitchen. And behind the tree a wall, the stucco old and falling in pieces, leaving strange abstract forms and designs that changed with the light according to the time of day and season. […] The film is constructed like a poem. What would be the end of a line in a poem is here marked by 24 frames of black leader separating one, two or a cluster of images to give it a rhythmic structure.” (Renate Sami)

On the Lake
(Am Lietzensee)
Renate Sami | 2013 | Germany | 12’ | digital

Renate Sami observes spring, summer, autumn and winter from a bench, using a small HD camera to film the time from summer 2012 to May 2013.

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut
With thanks to the Deutsche Kinemathek 

An informal afternoon programme looking at friendship, affinities, portraits and journals in Sami’s work – with screenings, readings and discussions with friends and collaborators of Renate Sami.