Open City Documentary Festival

April 2024
across London
Event has passed

In Focus: Betzy Bromberg 1

Petit Mal

Betzy Bromberg | 1977 | USA | 18’ | 16mm | English spoken

“Shot in and around New York City, Bromberg’s first 16mm film, Petit Mal, is an invigorating, pissed-off assessment of women’s physical and social confinement. Ostensibly a portrait of an artist friend, the film is driven by a conversational first-person voiceover describing feelings of being trapped by the expectations of others.” (Vera Brunner-Sung)


Betzy Bromberg, Laura Ewing | 1981 | USA | 24’ | 16mm | English & French spoken

“Bromberg merges strange and abject images of confinement and escape with a coldly technological environment, and she pits the desire for continuity and coherence against the pure pleasure of drifting through images…Bromberg’s work has plenty to teach us about formal experimentation and the magic of juxtaposition.” (Holly Willis)

Soothing The Bruise

Betzy Bromberg | 1980 | USA | 21’| 16mm | English spoken

“A subjective assault, Soothing the Bruise is a kind of found cinema, in which the pieces of existence, the pablum pop of Top 40 radio, mix effortlessly with thermonuclear techno-jargon, and stoned-out kids camping around in the buff co-exist in a restless uneasy mix with Times Square strip shows, neon effluvia, lugubrious country-western ballads and Bromberg’s own visceral polemics.” (Brian Lambert)

In the presence of Betzy Bromberg and followed by a conversation between Bromberg and Charlotte Procter