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From Where They Stood / À pas aveugles

Christophe Cognet | 2021 | France, Germany | 110’ | digital 

From Where They Stood is a meticulous investigation into a rare set of clandestine photographs taken by prisoners in concentration and extermination camps during the Second World War. Director Christophe Cognet travels to Dachau, Mittelbau-Dora, Buchenwald, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Ravensbrück to locate the exact position from which each image was captured, working alongside camp historians to methodically reconstruct the conditions at the moment at which they were taken. Placing translucent glass prints of the original photographs over the camera lens, Cognet transposes the past to the present as previously hidden details are recalled to the surface of each image. From Where They Stood is a rigorous archaeological study that delicately unearths the stories behind these astonishing photographs, and the courageous men and women who took them.