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Vivian’s Garden + Denim Sky

Vivian’s Garden

Rosalind Nashashibi | 2017 | UK | 29’ | digital | English, German, Spanish spoken, English subtitles 

Vivian Suter and her mother Elisabeth Wild are two Swiss-Austrian émigré artists living in Panajachel, Guatemala, where they have developed a matriarchal compound in an environment that offers both refuge and terror. Elisabeth is in her nineties and Vivian in her sixties, and they are as close as maiden sisters; in fact, the family relationship is shifting, and each is at times mother and daughter to the other. This film takes a close and dreamy look at their artistic, emotional, and economic lives with their extended householders.  


Denim Sky

Rosalind Nashashibi | 2022 | United Kingdom, Lithuania | 67’ | digital | English, Lithuanian spoken, English subtitles 

Denim Sky was shot in three parts over a period of four years between 2018 and 2022 in locations in Scotland, Lithuania and London with a cast featuring the artist herself, her two young children, and friends including Lithuanian artists Liudvikas Buklys, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Elena Narbutaitė, and Algirdas Šeškus, as well as Narbutaitė’s mother Daina Narbutienė, the British artist Matthew Shannon and the writer Rose Bretécher. A dreamy exploration of alternative community structures, the non-nuclear family and non-linear time, Denim Sky is concerned with love, intimacy and human relationships. Documentary strategies and direct cinema enfold into carefully constructed scenes in which Nashashibi applies her painterly eye to the framing of film images.

Followed by a conversation between Priyesh Mistry (National Gallery London),  Rosalind Nashashibi and the participants of Denim Sky

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