Making Radio Documentary


Oct 24 — Nov 21

Wednesday Evenings (7 - 9pm)



"This was a brilliant introductory course to radio documentary making - informative, practical and inspiring. I'd highly recommend it.'  - Ellen Wiles, past student.

This course is targeted towards people who want to move from filmmaking to producing audio documentaries, those who want to make their first ever radio documentary and people who are just passionate about listening to radio/documentary audio. This course provides the basic skills needed to get out there and start recording and putting together an audio documentary, podcast or radio programme. Students will study techniques and industry tips and listen to plenty of great radio. There is the opportunity to pitch ideas and develop them throughout the course, as well as practical exercises to get students to lose their inhibitions and start recording.

The following topics are only indicative:

Session 1

  • Where to go for ideas and inspiration
  • How to choose equipment

-Session 2

  • Pitching Ideas
  • Recording

Session 3

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Structuring your doc

Session 4

  • Editing using free programme Audacity

Session 5

  • Scripting
  • Where to take your ideas

If you have any enquiries regarding this course please contact or please call 0203 1086696



Chloe Hadjimatheou

Course Leader

Chloe Hadjimatheou is an award-winning BBC reporter and producer whose work includes: Islamic State’s Most Wanted, Searching for Tobias, No Place to Die and America Revisited.