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Flight of a Bullet + Q&A

Director Beata Bubenec, Country Russia, Latvia, Duration 80,

Beata Bubenec’s single-take documentary opens on a blown-out bridge in Ukraine’s heavily contested Donbass region. A local man—taking exception to being filmed—is bundled into a car by armed forces and driven off for interrogation. But despite the intensity of the action unfolding in front of the camera, attention and scrutiny quickly turns to goings-on behind the lens as Bubanec’s allegiances (and motivations) are called into question. As the tension of the exhilarating opening scene subsides, the film shifts into a fascinating and provocative study of how the violence of conflict permeates into the mundanity of the everyday.

+ Q&A with director Beata Bubenec. This is a UK Premiere.

In partnership with Bird’s Eye View.

Winner of the Open City Award Beata Bubenec was born in 1987 in Russia. In 2013 she graduated from The Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov School of Documentary Film and Theatre and started making movies. Her previous films include God's Will (2016) and Chechen (2015). Flight of a Bullet appeared at Vitaly Mansky's Moscow ArtDocFest in March 2018, the screening of which was reportedly disrupted by pro-Kremlin protestors.”