Non-Fiction 01 : Power

Issue 01 was published as a print edition in Spring 2020 and collects twelve contributions on the theme of POWER.

The issue was edited by Matt Turner and includes contributions by¬†Erisa Apantaku,¬†Zane Balńćus,¬†Jenny Casas,¬†Pamela Cohn,¬†Greg de Cuir Jr.,¬†Adina Glickstein,¬†Sander H√∂lsgens,¬†Dylan Huw,¬†Anjana Janardhan,¬†Luke W. Moody,¬†Miko Revereza,¬†k8e sage,¬†Stephanie Spray, and¬†Maryam Tafakory.

The first issue is 90 pages, full colour and perfect bound, with design by Passport.

Non-Fiction 01 is available for purchase here.

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