Open City Documentary Festival

News: Open City Documentary Festival x Resident Advisor – A Sonic Pulse

Open City Documentary Festival and Resident Advisor have co-commisioned a film by Dorothy Allen-Pickard (winner of our Best UK Short Award in 2018 for The Mess) and Antoine Marinot. A Sonic Pulse looks at how deaf people experience electronic music.

The film had its world premiere at our Shorts: Labour/Leisure screening, and is now viewable online via Resident Advisor. They premiered it alongside a short statement from Marinot, included below.

“We listen to a lot of electronic music, both in and outside of club environments,” said Antoine Marinot, who co-directed the film with Dorothy Allen-Pickard. “Because of my partial deafness, and the prospect of losing my hearing completely, I am increasingly aware of issues relating to deafness. The conversations we had while making this film have infinitely expanded our interest in the subject and reframed our conceptual understanding of how we all experience sound, music and vibrations.”