Open City Documentary Festival

7 – 13 September 2022
in London

You Cannot Close Your Eyes to New Horizons: A Storytelling Session

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An evening of storytelling from four artists who engage with non-fiction in their practice. Each of the invited artists will respond to the theme of Horizons and share a story with our audience in fifteen minutes. The speakers have complete creative freedom in how they interpret the theme as well as how they deliver their story—it could be a personal anecdote, a poetry reading, a historical retelling or something more abstract entirely. When taken to mean the point where the earth meets the sky, a horizon always remains unreachable, receding further as you approach it. The evening will look towards expanding the scope of the possible, using the power of storytelling to offer fresh perspectives that reach beyond existing limits and traditional boundaries.

Speakers for this event are Ayesha Hameed, Miko Revereza, Roger Robinson and Zing Tsjeng.

Roger Robinson is a poet and his most recent collection, A Portable Paradise, won both the 2019 T. S. Eliot Prize and the Royal Society of Literature’s Ondaatje Prize 2020.

Zing Tsjeng is VICE UK Executive Editor and a journalist, broadcaster, podcaster and author of the Forgotten Women book series.

Ayesha Hameed’s projects Black Atlantis and A Rough History (of the destruction of fingerprints) have been performed and exhibited internationally.  She is the co-editor of Futures and Fictions, nominated for a 2018 International Center of Photography’s Infinity Award, and co-author Visual Cultures as Time Travel (2021).  She is currently the Co-Programme Leader for the PhD in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths University of London.

Miko Revereza (b. 1988. Manila, Philippines) is an award winning filmmaker raised in California and currently based in Manila. His films DROGA! (2014), DISINTEGRATION 93-96 (2017), No Data Plan (2018) and Distancing (2019) have been widely screened internationally at festivals such as Locarno Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, NYFF Projections and Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Art of the Real.

Please note: this event will be as a livestream and is available worldwide. The event is ticketed and booking is required. Ticket holders will be sent a password protected link to access the event 1 hour before the event start time.