Open City Documentary Festival

Complex Access

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When you ask to make a film about someone, you’re suggesting that they let a camera into their lives. What happens when the person you’re asking doesn’t trust the presence of the camera or what the results might suggest to an audience? This session will explore the different approaches to negotiating difficult access and documenting nuanced stories within traditionally inaccessible situations. The panel of filmmakers will share their experiences working with their contributors, revealing how they navigated the ethical and creative considerations throughout the process. ‘The session will be hosted by Eric Hynes and speakers will include Talal Derki (Of Fathers and Sons), Marianne Hougen-Moraga and Estephan Wagner (Songs of Repression) and Alison Klayman (The Brink).

This event is free and available worldwide as a live-stream. Registration is required.

Image credit: Songs of Repression (Marianne Hougen-Moraga, Estephan Wagner)