This year we will be showcasing the tech-enabled immersive factual storytelling of tomorrow. Alongside the series of creator-led talks and discussions at Digital Catapult, we will exhibit a selection of some the most technically innovative and artistically compelling VR and immersive experiences in the UK today.

With our partners Virtual Umbrella, come and experience some of the most visceral experiences from the  documentary VR world. Virtual Reality Documentaries give people constant immersion in a virtual world which has the power to change our relationships to the characters in these emotional and powerful narratives. 

Projects include:

First Impressions
Guardian Virtual Reality | 5'

Using the latest research in neural development and colour vision in infants, this film allows you to experience and interact with the world from the point of view of a baby. It's a period that none of us remember, but is the most crucial stage of our development.

Step To The Line
Ricardo Laganaro | Defy Ventures, Reel FX | 12'

Step to the Line is a documentary that provides users with a unique insight into the US prison system, focusing on an inspirational program that offers ex-cons with a vital lifeline after their incarceration.

Home: Aamir 
Erfan Saadati | National Theatre, Rome One, Surround Vision | 7'

HOME | AAMIR, is an immersive 360 verbatim documentary. The film follows Aamir, a 22 year-old man escaping the threat of murder in Sudan. In one of the largest movements of people since World War II, more than a million people crossed into Europe along trafficker routes in 2015. This film explores this tragic phenomenon and some of its themes – setting Aamir's individual story against the backdrop of the Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp.

The Last Moments
Avril Furness, Framestore Pictures, VISYON 360, Punchdrunk | 6'

The Last Moments is a virtual reality film experience that puts the viewer directly in the shoes of a person having an assisted suicide at Dignitas, a dignity in dying organisation in Switzerland.

Notes to My Father
Jayisha Patel, Gabo Arora | Oculus, My Choices Foundation & Reel FX | 12'

The true story of love, grief and reconciliation between a survivor of child trafficking and her father. Notes To My Father is a virtual reality experience which uses a mix of verbatim theatre and documentary storytelling techniques. The lead protagonists are played by a survivor and her father. The film touches on memory and trauma and how these can shape rather than define our lives. It is ultimately a story of survival and an ode to resilience and hope.

In My Shoes: Intimacy
Jane Gauntlett | 10'

In My Shoes: Intimacy is a new 360 experience which explores the power of human connection. Put aside your inhibitions, sit down with a partner, look into their eyes. Let these strangers guide you through their impromptu, unconventional & intense moments of intimacy.

One hour drop-in slots

Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 September, 11am-5pm

VR Documentary Showcase at Bargehouse

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 11:00

Festival Hub: Bargehouse