VR Storytellers and Scientists

We’re often told virtual reality is the future of entertainment. But what if, alongside entertaining you, VR can also make you a more self-fulfilled person?

In this panel, storytellers and scientists, explore the intersection between story and science in VR.

How does our brain react to VR? Can neurobiology help us tell more effective stories? And what can scientists learn from VR storytelling?

How can filmmakers fully exploit these ideas and how are scientists and storytellers working together to further push the limits of immersive experiences?

This session will be chaired by Luciana Carvalho. Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana heads new business & partnerships for REWIND -- an international award-winning virtual reality, digital & physical production studio -- and is co-founder of Unfold Inclusion, a social enterprise powering women/diversity in XR in the UK. Passionate about VR/AR/tech for good, she carries ongoing research on the possibilities and challenges immersive tech presents regarding neuroscience, empathy and female empowerment.

Panelists include Mel Slater, the recipient of the IEEE VGTC’s 2005 Virtual Reality Career Award, ICREA Professor and Head of the Event Lab at Barcelona University and part-time Professor of Virtual Environments at UCL; Professor Anthony Steed, Professor in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group in the Department of Computer Science, University College London; Gabo Arora, Creative Director and Senior Advisor at the United Nations, Founder and President of Lightshed, a VR and social impact start-up, and an award-winning filmmaker represented by Within/Vrse.works; and Jane Gauntlett, a writer for film and theatre, who is excited by a good story, mind trickery and turning audiences into participants. Advances in technology have provided Jane with the tools to push audiences further. She likes to experiment with new inventions (Virtual Reality, Tactile and Audio), however her focus is always on designing high impact experiences with a strong narrative. 

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Storytellers and Scientists in conversation: The Art & Science of VR

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 12:30

Digital Catapult

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