A SMART PORTRAIT OF LONDON - tap-in, tap-out, wake up

The digitization of our cities is invisible. But we are all part of a vast experiment, happening right now.

What did you sign up for? Do you even know? Who knows where you are and when? What you spent and where? Your preferences, your movements, your sub-culture, Uber journeys, tap-in, tap-out but wake up you are completely surrounded by digital ‘smart-city’ technology. We have created a new urban world, find out how you can play a part in it.

Imagine a city with perfect transport. Where events pop-up to capture latent demand, where crime is predicted, production democratized and social problems prevented from ever occurring. How can we as citizens shape the way our city develops using technology and lo fi human interventions?  This isn't anymore about information; the stuff we produce or collect - it's about the infrastructure; how we build new ways of making it move around. Let’s explore cities, citizens and civic networks. What is the relationship between the technology we have to hand and the urban experience?

Join us for snapshot presentations and discussion talking in language we understand. Uncovering the main stories surrounding big-data, open-source, planning, designing and documenting cities. Leaders in their field present current projects around: The Smart City  /The Tracked & Hacked City /The Playable & Participatory City

Hosted by Alastair Parvin (WikiHouse Founder), speakers include Mara Balestrini (Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert and technology strategist, Smart Citizen), Sarah T Gold (Designer, The AlternetBen Barker (PAN Studio Founder, Hello Lamppost) artist filmmaker, Kevin Biderman, Alpha-ville’s IOTORAMA, music by Tom Richards and visualisations from Tekja and the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Wed 17th June 2015 @The Hackney Attic

Tickets: £10

19:00 - Doors

19:30 - 21:00 - Talks, Q&A

21:00 - 22:00 Music & Artist Work

Image credit: 'London commuter flows by Tekja data visualisation | www.tekja.com

A Smart Portrait of London

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 19:30
£10, £8 student tickets

Hackney Attic