Sixth Wall Podcast Open City Documentary Festival

Ever wanted to hear what the ‘character’ from your favourite documentary really thought of the process of having their every moment filmed, scrutinised and edited into a version of reality for an audience? And what questions they would ask their filmmaker if the tables were turned?

Rarely does the person being placed centre frame get to return questions to a filmmaker with whom they’ve spent so many hours – Why am I so interesting to you? What is it about this topic that so fascinates you? Why did you choose documentary film as your medium? What is your story?

In each monthly episode from new podcast The Sixth Wall a different documentary character will take the reigns in leading a conversation with their filmmaker about the doc they made together, about the dynamics of their relationship and about the very nature of telling ‘true stories’. With pairings on the slate such as Marc Isaacs and his characters from The Road, Penny Woolcock and Dylan Duffus and Daisy-May Hudson and her Mum, the podcast dives deep into an oft-overlooked perspective, revealing unexpected, illuminating, and sometimes fraught relationships.

Open City Documentary Festival celebrates the launch of The Sixth Wall with a live recorded session between Chloe Ruthven and Mario Saliasi. Filmmaker Chloe made Mario and Nini from 2002 to 2008 following the coming of age of two young boys as they start to get drawn into a life of gang violence and crime through their older peers. Having been their teacher for several years before starting to film, Chloe had an unusually strong bond with the boys. However, four years after the film came out, as Mario turned 18, he became very angry with Chloe and refused to have any contact, claiming she'd exploited his naivety and trust as a child.

Followed by a screening of the film will be a live recorded discussion, where Mario - now an adult and a filmmaker himself - will lead a conversation with Chloe on the film they made, his experiences as a character, the problems that ensued after filming finished and the long journey of openness, honesty and reconciliation that they've been through in recent months to reach a relationship that is today closer than ever.

In collaboration with SE15 Productions and Ten Cent Adventures.

The Sixth Wall Podcast: A Live Recorded Session

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 13:00

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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