Open City Docs presents an evening of documentary and non-fiction works-in-progress where independent filmmakers and audio doc-makers are invited to present their current projects and test out new work at various stages of completion.

Open City Documentary Festival has provided a platform for established and emerging filmmakers since 2011 and to continue developing and nurturing new work and makers we are launching a monthly peer-to-peer show and tell in a welcoming and supportive environment, featuring constructive feedback from special guests and audiences. 

This month's projects:

A New Normal is a series of audio documentaries featuring the audio diaries of six Syrians recently arrived in Europe. With contributors in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Sweden and Greece, the series is intended to give an unusually intimate insight into the day to day experience of trying to start life from scratch in an alien country, having fled one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has ever seen.

SCOUT (Dir. Dieter Deswarte)
A small but dedicated team of wildlife scouts are faced with the near impossible task of patrolling one of the largest national wildlife parks in Africa. Each day they cross huge swathes of land hunting for poachers, unknown menaces who hardly leave a trace. In this unfamiliar world dialogue is for the most part absent. Words are replaced by murmurs, the hypnotic sound of footsteps in the long grass and the “silence” of the African Bush. As time passes the scouts become immersed and part of a landscape where stalking dominates life.

Special guests: Katie Burningham and Grant Gee

Hosted by filmmaker Isis Thompson

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Rough Cuts

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 18:30

The Horse Hospital