Since their first feature about their home town Sidney, Ohio,  a distinctive characteristic of the Ross Bros approach has been to immerse themselves in the communities in which they work, often spending months embedded with their subjects before picking up a camera. In this masterclass, Bill and Turner Ross will discuss how their methods of work shape their highly crafted final products. Each of the films rest on a central formal conceit around which they play inventively : the iconography of small town America, the lost weekend and the (non-fiction) Western. They will discuss how, by moving away from the dogma that has defined the traditional observational film, they have begun to make a new form of cinema verité.

The Ross Brothers' Americana Trilogy, 45365, Tchoupitoulas, and Western, will screen at this year's Open City Documentary Festival.


Masterclass with the Ross Brothers

Friday, June 24, 2016 - 14:00

Studio 1

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