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Patchwork Archivists are a grassroots creative archiving collective – bringing together intercultural communities of the south Asian diaspora to explore the significance of sharing stories and memories passed down through generations.

During the workshop they will be screening two films by Kajal Nisha Patel about South Asian women and work, in the context of migration and the diaspora. They will follow this with footage from the Grunwick Strike (1976-8) to open up a discussion with the audience about small and large resistances that are rooted in everyday spaces of labour - which then echo through political, social and intergenerational family narratives.

Through the seemingly ordinary thread connecting these films, we are able to recognise the extraordinary ways in which our present political selves are a direct product of the everyday tasks of working, home-making and organising of those that came before us. By creating a dialogue around the films and facilitating cross-cultural sharing, we will explore how the personal is inherently political.

As with all Patchwork events, this will be participatory and will include an activity of co-creating. We believe that everyone in the room has something to bring to the discussion and their individual expertise lies in their lived experience.



Patchwork Archivists present Existence as Resistance

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 13:15

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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