Night Time as Resistance Open City Documentary Festival

This talk explores parties as a form of resistance. We are taken on an immersive journey through an archive of found sound and video footage that brings to life the energy and people of reggae sound systems, queer nightlife and early 90s illegal raves. This is followed by a panel discussion that considers these using an intersectional lens, drawing parallels and reflecting on tensions between the different struggles these scenes sit within. The event asks how these forms of resistance can be used to build broader social and political movements and struggles for justice.

The panelists:

Matthew Smith - From West Country raves to Reclaim the Streets, Matthew Smith has been documenting the changing face of rebellion for the past 20 years through diary documentary work.

Uncle Dugs - Uncle Dugs is Rinse FM’s only dedicated old skool DJ. His weekly show takes listeners on a whirlwind trip through the genres that were instrumental to the station’s early days.

Cecil AKA King Tubby - In March 1970 King Tubby’s hi-fi was born, making Cecil at the age of 19, one of the youngest sound system owners in the UK. King Tubby has caught the imagination of reggae music lovers everywhere. 

Jeffrey Hinton - Growing up in subversive 70s London, Jeffrey was inspired by the excitement of underground culture. By the 80s, he'd become one of the coolest DJs on the block, dreaming up musical storms from The Blitz club to Leigh Bowery's Taboo. 

Professor Julian Henriques - Convenor of MA Scriptwriting and MA Cultural Studies, and director of the Topology Research Unit in the Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London. He started Sound System Outernational - an agency established in 2015 to organize events to develop the relationship between academic researchers, system culture practitioners and aficionados.

Sapphire McIntosh - DJ/Organiser for Resisdance, a politically active diverse group of women taking hold of the tech and decks, smashing the patriarchy and supporting under-funded radical grassroots organisations. They came together to organise banging party nights - whilst challenging gender norms in the party and political scene.

Feral is Kinky - Growing up in central London, next door to a shebeen, FiK developed an un-wavering love of reggae music. She began her professional music career in 1987 under the name MC Kinky collaborating on several hit records, after years of partying in West London and the West End in her teens. DJ, musician, producer, activist and visual artist Caron Geary, now known as FERAL is KINKY has shown her photography and films in National Institutions, continues to perform and DJ world wide; achieving critical acclaim and commercial success that spans 3 decades to date.

Presented in partnership with Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest


Night Time as Resistance

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 17:30

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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