This unique MA programme is based out of UCL but run by leading film practitioners, ensuring that students not only receive the highest-quality, practice-based learning, but do so in a top-level university research environment. The core of the programme is focused on on the practical production of non-fiction film, alongside the provision of a firm understanding of theory and film history.

With guidance from tutors Lasse Johansson, James Price, Lucy Sandys-Winsch, Dieter Deswarte along with Senior Tutors Sandhya Suri and Richard Alywn, you will produce three documentary films in various modes to build a diverse portfolio of work before producing a graduation film of 15-25 minutes in length. 

Every student is assigned a personal mentor to guide them through the conception, production and completion of their final graduation film. This year's mentors include Penny Woolcock, Richard Alwyn, Sophie Fiennes, Xiaolu Guo and Grant Gee.

Students will have their own camera equipment provided throughout as well as access to three dedicated Mac Editing suites and one PC suite (for the VR studio).

For further information, including how to apply, visit the UCL website or contact a.o' or please call 020 3108 6697

Interview with Dominic Sivyer from the graduating class of 2016. Dominic is now part of the prestigious BBC documentaries new directors initiative.

MA Ethnographic and Documentary Film (Practical)

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 10:00