Course Leader : Gregory Thompson -

The MA Creative & Collaborative Enterprise is a specialised masters programme for students who wish to become creative and collaborative entrepreneurs once they graduate and want to set up enterprises that are dependent on their values and ethos.

Our teaching will help you become a creative and collaborative entrepreneur, put you in a position to establish enterprises where what you do and the way you do things are in harmony.

It draws on:

performing arts practise,
social theory,
entrepreneurship training,
UCL’s cross-disciplinary culture,
the great entrepreneurial base in London.

By drawing on world leading performing arts practise, the anthropological world view and the energy and expertise of the UCL School of Management we are able to offer alternative, surprising and rewarding routes into the startup economy.

The MA will not just produce creative and collaborative entrepreneurs but socially aware and intellectually literate ones with the tenacity to push on.

You will develop a critical methodology towards creative processes, storytelling, visual language, ethics, collaboration, leadership, competitiveness and organisational structures and a rigorous application of theory to your own business ideas.

As a result you and your cohort will form a steady stream of critical and creative entrepreneurs, aware of the intellectual and social value of cultural difference.

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MA Creative & Collaborative Enterprise

Monday, September 25, 2017 - 10:00