Inner Landscapes Olivier Smolders Open City Documentary Festival

In his documentary essays, Olivier Smolders takes us on singular journeys in which we dive into his, or his characters', inner landscapes.

The images he films explore personal perceptions and imaginary realms. Through an introduction to his work we will explore how non-fiction filmmaking can approach intangible worlds and inner images while still holding on to reality.

Olivier will introduce us to his work and then be in discussion with Belgian-based director Juliette Joffe after the screening of these short films:

Journey Around My Room (Voyage Autour De Ma Chambre) 26'

Secluded in his room, a film-maker evokes the journeys and places, real or imaginary, which were the making or the breaking of him. From images collected over the years, Voyage autour de ma chambre investigates, in a poetic manner, the difficulty each person has in finding his true place in the world.

The Shadow's Share (La Part De L'Ombre) 28'

On the 7th of February 1944, the young Hungarian photographer Oskar Benedek disappears, on the opening day of a large exhibition of his work. More than sixty years later, an investigation uncovers his strange fate.


Also showing on a loop in the screening room at Bargehouse are:

The Golden Legend | Olivier Smolders | 2014 | Belgium | 24'

Picture's Concise Anatomy | Olivier Smolders | 2009 | Belgium | 21'

The Hero With a Thousand Faces | Juliette Joffé | 2016 | Belgium | 26'

Spiritual Exercises | Olivier Smolders | 1987-1991| Belgium | 180'



In collaboration with the Belgian Cultural Institute

Inner Landscapes // Essayistic Approach to Documentary Form with Olivier Smolders

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 14:00

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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