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They say that a director always makes three films: the one they planned, the one they filmed, and the one they discover in the edit.

Never is this more true than in documentary, where the filmmakers who excel are those who can not only write, dream, plan and structure but also learn to let go. Finding the film in the edit is often described as a director's favourite moment, and their biggest challenge.

This panel hears from directors and an executive producer as they discuss how to get the best out of their documentary stories. They reveal their storytelling approaches, their high and low moments in pursuit of narrative, and how they deal with the challenges of rich documentary stories, with troubleshooting advice and insights from deep within the storytelling process.

A panel led by Lindsey Dryden (director Lost and Sound, producer Unrest), featuring Meghna Gupta (director, Unravel, Off The Grid), Eloise King (Executive Producer, Vice) and Eva Weber (director, Open City 2013 screening Black Out, The Solitary Life of Cranes)

Grappling with the Documentary Story

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 16:00

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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