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Game developers were working with VR long before the rest of us had even seen a headset. VR’s first life was in video games. While filmmakers are still trying to get to grips with VR and its grammar, gamers have years of experience in creating immersive narratives.

What are the secrets of making a great game story? And how can VR creators use these approaches in documentary immersive storytelling? Panellists, including expert games designers and high-profile content creators share their top tips.

This session will be chaired by Dave Ranyard, former Sony VR expert, a self confessed VR pioneer and CEO of an independent virtual reality studio, Dream Reality Interactive. The studio is based in London, where the largest concentration of VR developers outside Silicon Valley are to be found and its mission is to create intuitive virtual reality experiences with deeper challenge and social play.

Panelists include:

Russell Harding who has over 20 years of designing and creating innovative interactive experiences across a variety of genres & audiences. He specialises in the using emerging technologies such as AR & VR. Previously a Creative Director at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London Studios, he has been developing unique gameplay experiences, showcasing and introducing PlayStation VR to the world. ​

Brynley Gibson, who has been producing in a range of creative industries for over 18 years. He is currently the head of studios for Curve Digital Entertainment. Titles in Brynley's production portfolio include Battalion Wars 2, the Chime series, the BAFTA winning The Movies and he was also the series producer and one of the original creators behind Nintendo's multi-million selling and long-running Art Academy series.

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Gaming and Storytelling in Immersive Environments

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 16:45

Digital Catapult

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