The Ethnographic and Documentary Film eight weeks evening course provides opportunities to watch classic and experimental ethnographic and documentary films and to critically engage with the politics of image making. Starting from silent cinema of Robert Flaherty and use of montage of Russian filmmakers in the 1920s to visual video diaries in New York by Jonas Mekas, French cinéma vérité and indigenous filmmaking in Brazil, the course will give a historical overview of how the genre of ethnographic film has changed from seemingly scientific accounts to staged authenticity, and from experimental modes to collage, made out of found footage.

Below is an indication of what topics and films will be covered over the eight sessions:

Silent cinema and early ethnographic film
Peoples without Land: Pastoral Nomads in East Africa
Jean Rouch and Cinéma Vérité
Slow Cinema
USA - Observational Mode and Visual Diaries
Visual Anthropology and the City
Experimental Cinema and the Essay Film
Participatory Video Making

Maximum 25 Students

Price: £125/ £115 Student/ £105 UCL Student

This course takes place on Mondays at 7pm, each session will last approximately 2.5 hours including a short break.



Film Theory: Experimental Ethnographic and Documentary Film

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 19:00
£125 / £110 Student / £100 UCL Student

14 Taviton Street

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