Essay Films, Open City Documentary Festival

The essay film marks the intersection of documentary and experimental modes of filmmaking.

From documentary it takes a desire to explore diverse experiences of reality, the everyday, and processes of social and political change, both past and present.

From experimental film it takes a critical engagement with form, asking tough questions about images and sounds, where they come from and how they are used, both artistically and ethically.

In this discussion, Michael Temple (Essay Film Festival) will ask a panel of filmmakers, including Miranda Pennell (The Host), Lee Anne Schmitt (Purge This Land), and others TBA, if the essay film has today become a focal point for practitioners seeking to break out of the conventional formats of documentary, and to find more “heretical” forms of engaging with the real.

In collaboration with the Essay Film Festival



The Essay Film: Bringing an Experimental Sensibility to Documentary Film Culture?

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 11:00

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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