Practical Documentary Filmmaking

UCL (Module ANTHGS25)

Course dates: Friday 13th January - Friday 17th March 2017
Course Tutor: Dieter Deswarte

The course is led by Dieter Deswarte, an awarded documentary filmmaker based in London. Dieter is a self-shooter with a distinct personal aesthetic. His intimate approach leads to a gentle kind of film making that quietly captures the beauty of ordinary life. Over the past years he has worked for a range of charities, theatre’s and arts organisations. His personal work has gained him awards and screenings at several Festivals. His most recent film “St Helena, an end to isolation” was broadcast on the BBC News Channel. He has worked with a range of vulnerable people such as young people with neurodisability, young homeless, the elderly, amputee and mental health patients.

You will acquire the technical skills needed to complete a 10 minute video project using the cameras, workstations and facilities in the department's visual laboratory. Students will acquire practical, analytical and intellectual skills in using moving image and sound recording equipment and discover how new technologies create new methodologies. During the course students will examine and deploy a range of the technical, aesthetic, and representational dynamics involved in documentary construction. By doing so, participants will become more informed as well as practically experienced commentators on the 'truths', 'fictions', styles, genres, ethics and modes of filmmaking. You will recognise the potential of film to document research, and have explored issues of representation and audience reception.

Students undertaking the course will have full access to the UCL Anthropology Audio Visual Lab with Premiere CC and Adobe Creative Suite enabled machines as well as professional camera kits (shared one between two students) for the duration of the course. Students will have a further five weeks at the end of the course to complete their film project.

A reduced lab fee is required for those taking the course for UCL credit (please contact for more details). This course is available to external candidates for £1600.

Please note participants are also required to bring two external hard-drives on the course. Cameras are shared with one other person. Students using UCL Anthropology cameras are responsible for any loss, damage or repair costs.  Any failure to reimburse the department will result in a debt to UCL.

You have access to UCL facilities for a further five weeks after formal teaching on the course in order to complete your film.





Documentary Filmmaking (Practical)

Friday, January 13, 2017 - 10:00
£1600 (for external candidates)

14 Taviton Street

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