Course dates and times : 28th Feb - 21st March - 7.00pm to 9.30pm. 

This course is for documentary practitioners who want to critically frame their filmmaking in order to produce thought-provoking films that have social and cultural implications. It also addresses a broad range of conceptual methodologies that offer a good springboard for practice-led research (e.g. practice-based PhD, visual ethnography, experimental filmmaking, video art, etc.). Although no prerequisites are required, it is generally recommended that participants first do the “Documentary Storytelling” course. At the discretion of the tutor, participants can bring their own material for discussing their research.  

Course Tutor: Dr. Catalin Brylla, practice-led film scholar and Senior Lecturer in Film at the University of West London

Indicative Course Outline:

Session 1: The Mediation of Space and Time

Observational documentary as a record of time
Everyday materialities
Memory as trace and event

Session 2: The Essay Film 

Portrait essay
Travel essay
Diary essay
Editorial essay
Refractive essay

Session 3: Narrative Voice and Embodied Experience

The formal, open and poetic voice
The performative documentary
Embodied knowledge

Session 4: Representation

Social schemas and spectatorship
Case study: undoing disability stereotypes


Documentary Concepts and Research

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 19:00
£150 / £140 for students / £130 for UCL students

14 Taviton Street