Cardboard City Open City Documentary Festival

Do you accept the city as you find it? Or do you form it into a world that suits your needs? If it stops working how do we break it down and start over? What should our tools be and what stories will we tell about why we made it this way.

Cardboard City is a growing metropolis, built by all who visit it, made from the reclaimed and recycled materials found in the local area.

Everything you need to build your city is provided. Construct cardboard skyscrapers, hosepipe factories, carpet tile lakes, milk bottle boats, solar panels from old CDs; anything your imagination can create. But be careful: the direction of the city is in your hands; will it be the perfect pinnacle of human cooperation or descend into a mafia-run city-state?

In a nearby wing the we introduce Cardboard Citizens Creation Zone, where the city's inhabitants are created from old toys hacked apart and stitched together, led by a Dr Frankenstein facilitator dressed in a white coat with an elaborate tool kit.

These creatures are given their own voice with simple and accessible electronics, creating opportunities for dramatic stories of love and intrigue in the dark back streets of the Cardboard City. Juicy moments from these stories are told on the silver screen with an endoscopic camera that documents their journey through the miniature city.

This is a game run by Anagram, award-winning immersive story makers who play with the thin line between the digital and physical worlds. While it may seem simple, contained within this participatory experience are all the ingredients that make immersive storytelling magical.

Cardboard City

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 11:00

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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