A five week course which takes place every Wednesday (7-9pm) from 7th March 2018.


This course is targeted at people with at some experience in film post-production, preferably with Adobe Premiere or After Effects. The course covers the technical workflow for monoscopic 360 film, focusing on stitching (Autopano Video and Giga), editing (Adobe Premiere), and compositing (Adobe After Effects).

The Course is lead by Anatole Sloan who is the managing director of Zoya Films in Soho, London.

Course content:

Session 1

Introduction to 360 cameras

·        Stitching, parallax and multiple cameras

·        Current technology and industry trends

Rules and grammar of VR filmmaking:

·         Basic elements of 360 storytelling

·         Blocking in 360

·         Camera movement and editing in 360

Session 2

Working with 360 in Adobe Premiere

·         360 projection

·         Intro to 360 post-production workflow

·         Working with 360 video in Premiere

·         Working with ambisonic sound in Premiere

·         Adobe / Skybox VR effects and transitions

·         Basic masking in Premiere

Session 3

Stitching 360 video with Kolor Autopano

·         Ingesting and preparing footage

·         Principles of stitching

·         Creating and refining a stitch

·         Horizon correction

Session 4

Intro to 360 in After Effects

·         Premiere to After Effects workflow

·         Intro to After Effects tools and layout

·         Adobe / Skybox tools and workflow

Session 5

Basic compositing for 360 in After Effects

·         Removing tripods and crew using masks and paint tools

·         Working with 2D assets in 360

Delivering 360

·         Delivering 360 video for different platforms

Introduction to 360° Film Production Workflows

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 19:00
£250 / £225 (Student) / £200 (UCL Student)

UCL Anthropology

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