Kaitlin Prest Open City

It took Kaitlin Prest years to find her voice. She tells us how she learned to make personal documentaries about things that are nearly impossible to document; a crush, a divorce, a broken heart, a consent breach. She tells us why these stories matter, and the struggles of producing intersectional feminist work in a public radio environment. She reveals the ways that sound and story can be used to render the truth of the most unspeakable parts of life.

In this intimate and audio-rich session, Kaitlin takes us through her entire journey as an audio artist, sharing her award-winning audio and performance work and her trials and errors along the way.

Kaitlin is an audio artist working in radio, performance and installation. Her first radio project was a show called Audio Smut, broadcast at an anarchist radio station in Montreal Canada. Several years and audio experiments later, she launched The Heart podcast on Radiotopia by PRX. Her work has been recognized by several international awards, named a Peabody Finalist (2017), Third Coast International Gold for Best Documentary (2016), Prix Italia for New Formats in Radio (2015) and the Hearsay Festival’s Overall Prize (2014). Her radio, podcasting, performance and installation works have been featured at audio festivals and conferences around the world.

Featuring a special surprise performance of "Light" - if the light beside your bed could hear, what would it know about you?


Stories of the Heart: A Talk with Kaitlin Prest

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 15:15

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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