As part of this year's festival, we have curated a series of events which explore youth cultures that built social and political movements through music, dance and performance.  This will culminate in a live event bringing together rarely seen film archive charting the story of how music subculture has shaped the metropolis with a live soundtrack

Against the dramatic setting of the new festival hub, the Bargehouse on the Southbank, you are invited to explore how the explosion of sound-system, queer and rave culture paved the way for street resistance as we know it today.  

Lionpulse Sound System - is a 20kW authentic custom-designed and hand-built Reggae soundsystem - They will be playing a DJ set of the best in Roots, Rub'a'Dub and Dancehall - Vibe providers, always keeping your heart beating in a Dubwise.

Jeffrey Hinton -  is a London born DJ, Producer and visual Artist. Inspired by the world’s subcultures from a young age Hinton has provided music and visuals for some of London’s most iconic clubs Including Circus, Cha Cha, Taboo, Anarchy, Daisy Chain, Heaven and more recently across various venues within the East London club scene. For the past three decades he has helped fire the furnace of English club culture. From DJing to documenting, if it’s been culturally relevant, you can bet your sweaty vest he’s had a part in it.

Uncle Dugs - is the award winning Jungle and Rave DJ who presents the only legal daytime Oldskool / Jungle radio show in the whole world known as #RCFF (Run Come Follow Friday) every single Friday 11:00-14:00 GMT on London's Rinse 106.8 FM

Live AV Performance - Lone Taxidermist present TRIFLE
‘Part conceptual maverick, part torch bearer for glamorous leftfield pop, part daft 'apeth – Natalie Sharp has created a live stage show which is almost certainly unlike any other.’ The Quietus

Imagine you are wading through a huge vat of TRIFLE Lone Taxidermist presents their new 360 sensory immersive show TRIFLE.

A gluttonous exploration into the dark Internet culture of, WAM (Wet and messy) cake sitting. Arriving from a nocturnal world of sex and skullduggery, these irreverent and outlandish ditties exist on a unique psychic realm in which profane and profound happily step out together on the lash - a collision between the high-maintenance and the kitchen sink that’s a feverish spectacle to behold. 

Along with her co-conspirators Philip Winter (Wrangler/Tuung) and Will Kwerk, Sharp decamped to the splendid isolation of the otherworldly Bodmin Moor studio of Benge (John Foxx & The Maths/Wrangler) to sculp this unique and deliriously disconcerting confection, equally informed by post-punk angularities and electronic experimentation. 
Invariably on the lookout for new and surreal dimensions of expression, Sharp’s malicious metier lurks somewhere between the eldritch diva manifestations of Diamanda Galas and the wry reflections of Victoria Wood, yet equally driven by a magpie spirit and conceptual chutzpah redolent of Leigh Bowery and an acidic wit damaged by John Cooper Clarke. It’s a stylistic path that has led to her being increasingly over-subscribed as collaborative maverick of choice for a dizzying array of artists, including recent work with Jenny Hval and Gazelle Twin.

Yet for now, our just desserts can be found within ‘Trifle’, an unflinching glimpse into a world created and (for her sins) lived in by Sharp, where glamour and gluttony marry as harmoniously as frozen summer fruits, gelatine, custard and cream. The proof, in this case, is very much in the pudding. 

Performance contains sexual references and audience participation.

Event supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.


The Day is my Enemy

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 19:30

Festival Hub: Bargehouse

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