Music is an often overlooked but crucial element to making an impactful documentary. A well-crafted score can make a huge difference in the tone and character of a film and the collaboration between composer and filmmaker is essential. In this session, in partnership with Musician’s Union, we unpack that relationship.

Jake Walker - Composer

Jake is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist whose credits include the BAFTA-winning “Tommy Cooper Not Like That Like This”, “Alt”, “One Per Person" and the BBC three part documentary “Britain At The Bookies”. Jake has won an Indie Film International Award and Impact Docs Award and is a double finalist in the International Sound & Music Awards. The Documentary feature “The Challenge” was released in March and has made the official selection at the Canada Film Festival. The score has been nominated for Best Score in the MIFF Awards. Jake has also just delivered the score for “The Guv’nor”, a feature documentary about the life of Lenny McLean.

Matt Biffa - Music Supervisor

Matt has 20 years’ experience as a music supervisor at Air-Edel Associates, which was founded by Sir George Martin and Herman Edel. Over his career Matt has supervised a huge variety of projects including high profile films such “Snatch”, “Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire” and “The Riot Club”. In the field of documentaries Matt is currently working with Jake Walker on “The Guv’nor” and past credits include “Holy Hell”, “Biggie & Tupac” and “The Crash Reel​"​

Michael Sweeney, Recording & Broadcasting Official at the Musician's Union​ (host)

Michael Sweeney is Recording & Broadcasting Official at the Musician's Union, looking after both the recorded performances of MU members and working with its composers, songwriters, arrangers, copyists and orchestrators. The MU is a globally respected organisation which represents over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the UK music business and negotiates agreements with a large number of broadcasters, film producers and companies.



Presented in partnership with Musician’s Union.

Scoring for Documentaries

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 14:15

Studio 1

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